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What to expect when ordering a handcrafted creation.

Ordering a handcrafted creation means you are getting something that is made just for you, but it can be a daunting task to pick everything.  I love getting to make custom items because it means I am making something that already has a purpose!  Everything about the item has been picked out and I then get to turn the puzzle pieces into a useful piece of art.  How cool is that?  I think I'm pretty lucky!
Below are just a few things to help you before you start the ordering process.  As always, feel free to contact me by email or on my Facebook page with any questions.

Product image

Where the Magic Happens

My studio allows me to make all the things!  It is slightly different than when this picture was taken but I just love the wall color and the drawing Maggie made for me!  
This room has an industrial sewing machine, a Janome 7700 sewing machine, and embroidery machine, cutting table, ironing station, heat press, plus plenty of storage.  the tumbler and jewelry making area is behind where I took the picture. 

Fabrics Galore!

When I am sewing for events and inventory, I batch sew. But this shows a good representation of how different fabrics look when used on the same project.  It also shows that sometimes things look a little wonky during the creation process!  

I like to tell people to be prepared because things go through the "uglies" during parts of the creation process. Once designs and materials are decided on, updates are hard to show because of the "uglies".  They can be scary and upsetting.  So, if you really want to see some of the process pictures, I don't mind sharing them, but just keep in mind that you may get some that look a bit off.  Just remember, they keep evolving and turn into an amazing finished product!

*The products shown in this picture are 1/2" Wrist Straps

Founder image
Product image

The Creation Process

I will help you through the process of picking a design, style, and materials for your custom creation.  Do not feel like you have to have it all figured out before you contact me!  If you have an idea of what kind of creation you are wanting, we can move forward from there.  I do not charge "design fees" because I want to make sure you are happy with what you are ordering.  I will also tell you if I am not comfortable creating what you are wanting (doesn't happen very often at all) and will try to point you in a direction of somebody I know and trust that makes what you are looking for.  

Once you decide on the custom creation, I will give you an estimated time frame that you can expect the item to be completed within.  Then, I will invoice you through the website and payment is required before any work on the project starts.  Most custom items ship between 2 to 4 weeks after payment is received.  

Horse People Unite!

Cherished Horsehair

To the right is what the hair starts like and then ends like!  Before the tail hair can be turned into an amazing piece of jewelry, it must first be washed (at least twice), brushed, and picked though.  Then, I count out the number of hairs needed for each section of the braid.  Some of the braids require 8 sections!  Once the hairs are counted and the right number of sections are set, I carefully braid or weave the hair into a creation.  I use 6 different styles of braids and weaves to give the different looks.  Depending on the style determines what happens next.  All are hand sewn in areas and some are hand stitched together to make wider, more elegant bracelets.  The end caps are glued in with a waterproof, permanent glue.  These creations can be made from your own horse's tail hair or from stock hair if you just want an awesome piece of art but don't have a horse or don't want to cut it's tail.  

Founder image

Some of the process...

Pattern and fabrics are picked!All the pieces cut out and ready to make the bag. Exterior is complete and waiting for the lining to be finished. The assembled bag where you can see the inside.
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Quality Materials 

We only use quality materials and products in making the our creations.  

100% Handcrafted

Everything is handcrafted in our studio by Mandi and Steven.


Want a monogram? Animal prints? Pink and Blue Tumbler? We can make it happen since we LOVE custom creations!

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