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Are you ready to find your perfect custom creation?

Below you will find the process and the pattern choices available! 

Things to keep in mind when picking the perfect creation

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Asking Three Important Questions

When starting the process of picking out what you want created, keep in mind a few things.  The below questions are some of my favorites to ask before I make an item for myself, my daughters, or a custom order.  Without knowing the answers to these few questions, picking out what you want made can be a daunting task!
-What is the purpose?
-What will you keep in it?
-Where will you use it?

Now that you have asked yourself the questions and you have your answers, you are ready to move onto the next step!

Picking the Pattern

So you know what the purpose of your creation is now.  Yay!  Now, you get to pick a pattern since there are so many styles of bags and wallets and other special items available to have created.  Take a look through the patterns that I have to offer and see if something strikes your fancy!
-Remember, you are looking for the general shape, structure, and any special features that may interest you - NOT the fabrics since that will change.  
- Pockets are one of the easiest things to change or add into a pattern, so keep that in mind.  
Go check out those patterns but don't get too overwhelmed!  Narrow it down and then we can discuss what may work best for you.

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Product image

Picking the Fabrics/Materials

One of the most amazing parts about a custom creation is that YOU get to decide what it will look like!  I offer a few different main materials for these items:  fabric, marine vinyl, faux leather, and real leather.  Costs vary depending on what you want created.  Not all items can be created using any of the main materials.
First pick a main material that you want used.  After that, you need to decide on a color or fabric pattern that you want.  Do you want florals, aztec, animals, beachy, etc?  Do you just want to use a color scheme?  Once you have that, you can move onto finding the perfect combinations of fabrics and materials.  

You are now ready to get the custom creation started!

Once you have made the hard decisions on fabrics and patterns, it is time to sit back and wait while I work my magic!  Custom creations take time and during the process I will let you know what to expect.  Most have a turn around time between two and four weeks from time of payment.  
Please contact me if you are interested in a custom creation and I will be glad to help you through the steps!  The fabric choices are almost endless but that means you can get that custom piece to fit your personality!  
Enjoy the process!

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     While I can make many things, bag designers must hold an engineering degree to be able to create some of the amazing designs that come together so well! Below are patterns that I have purchased from other designers to make awesome creations for each of you (and me). Remember, the pictures you are viewing are NOT my work. My work can be seen everywhere else on this site and my Facebook page!
     This is not the end all list of what I have to offer, but they are my favorites. I have not made all of these designs, but I promise you I will do an amazing job if you pick one to have made just for you (or another special person). Pattern styles that are not listed here are my designs of zipper pouches, a few wallets, and some totes. I will work on making a cover page for the ones that are my creations to be similar to what these are in order to be cohesive in the page!

     When looking to order, remember some of the items may be slightly different when I create them. I usually add extra pockets and will change things to make a better end product for the materials that are used. Pockets can just about ALWAYS be added.

     Note on fabric choices: I offer cotton quilting fabric, faux leather, marine vinyl, and even genuine leather for my products. The linings are made from quilting cottons. ALL bags have interfacing and extra goodies in them to give them the structure and support they need to be amazing products. All camera and laptop bags have foam in them. Some others have foam or fleece in the layers. You will NOT see these inner workings but rest assured, there is SO much that is added to make the product worth it!

     Take a look around and as always, ask any questions you may have!

   Some of the designers that I use for great patterns are:
Chris W Designs, Swoon Patterns, Maggie55 Patterns, Blue Calla Patterns, Emmaline Bags, and more...

Wristlet, Pouches, and Wallet Patterns 

Handbags, Shoulder Bags, and Crossbody Bags

Specialty Items: Backpacks, Tote Bags, Laptop Bags, Camera Bags, etc 

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